We’re the guys no one talks about. We’re not flashy, or shiny or high profile.  We just make and sell things that connect all of that flashy, shiny, noisy, good sounding cool stuff.  We supply the veins and tendons between the heart and lungs and muscles of all your electrical components.  WE are wire and connectors and terminals and relays and fuses.


Wiring and wiring components can be “sexy”.  Yes, I said sexy.  A friend of mine once told me, when discussing marketing our products, “it’s hard to make wiring sexy…” I told him “not to us, we think wiring is sexy.” And although we may think wiring is sexy I know it can be VERY ugly, very PAINFUL and not so PAINLESS, if you know what I mean?!


What we are “About” is getting you the products you need to have high quality; properly functioning wiring that really works and looks good.


So if you’ve read this far and still want to know more about who we are, let me tell you a little about our company and our staff.


Our origins go back to Automotive Engineering and Dealership Service Centers.  One of our early product lines was designed by a GM engineer to fix electrical wiring problems that Dealership service technicians were running into.  These were in the form of ‘pigtails’ that are referred to as Connector Replacement Kits.  That product line started with 15 – 20 part numbers and is now close to 200 part numbers.  That company now manufactures wiring harnesses, Connector Replacement Kits and service kits that are all available here at BuyWiring.com.


With the expansion and success of the original product line we were always getting asked if we had additional wiring products that were as nice as the Connector Replacement Kits and of the same quality.  Naturally, we researched this and sourced the best wiring products we could find to meet our customer’s needs. 

We brought in:

§  Weather-Pack and Metri-Pack connectors

§  Bosch and Hella Relays

§  the best cross-link XLP wire we could find

§  Heat Shrink

§  Raychem DR-25,

§  Ring terminals, splice clips, tooling and many other wiring products that you can purchase at BuyWiring.com.


As the news traveled that you (a customer) could get quality wiring products from us our company grew.  We serviced most of our customers over the phone or in person if I was in their town.  So we have been around for awhile even though you may not have been able to find us.  But now that you have found us you know why we are BuyWiring.com.  We want you to have access to the same great products that our longtime customers have had and with the ease of looking them up and ordering them from right here on our website.


Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and experience.  We have a former Auto Repair Shop owner who was ASE Master Certified and specialized in (of course) wiring and diagnostics, fuel injection harness builder, a stereo installer / high fidelity enthusiast, a race car and dragster wiring technician / dude, a home wiring tech and a general all around good guy.  And that’s just our 1st staff member.  Our other staff come from the Fabrication (Fab) industry building drag cars, race cars and trophy trucks, from the computer industry, a Psychology major (to analyze us and keep us sane), retail / big box store, and some kids to keep us young and inventive.


With all that being said we know wiring and our goal is to provide you with the BEST products we can to get your wiring project completed.  Whether it is a simple repair or a complete wiring job you can be assured that the products you buy from us have been tested and in most case used by us (you won’t get used products  - but you know what I mean).  We have 10 years of specific focus on just wiring.  We are committed to providing the best products available, whether we make them ourselves or purchase them from a preferred manufacturer you can be assured of quality products from us.


And best of all we love what we do.

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